Travis Knowles
Associate Professor of Biology, Francis Marion University
Director, Wildsumaco Biological Station

I am delighted to announce the opening of the newest research station in Ecuador, Wildsumaco Biological Station. The Station was dedicated on March 15, 2012, in a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by officials from Francis Marion University, the University of North Carolina Wilmington, and Ecuador’s Catholic University.

This Station represents the culmination of over six years of planning. I first met the owners of Wildsumaco Wildlife Sanctuary in 2004, Jim and Bonnie Olson, on a birding trip to Perú. They subsequently partnered with bird guide extraordinaire Jonas Nilsson to build a fine birding lodge and ecotourism facility near Sumaco Volcano in Ecuador.

After much planning, and reams of electronic communication, Wildsumaco Biological Station is now a reality! I want to thank the faculty and administrators at FMU, UNCW and PUCE for their unwavering support throughout, including especially the support of Dr. Brian Arbogast of UNCW, Assistant Director of WBS.

WBS represents a new effort to study, conserve and enjoy the stunning biodiversity of the Neotropics. I invite you to explore our web page, and we welcome your interest in visiting WBS for your research and education goals.

Travis Knowles
Director, Wildsumaco Biological Station



Associate Professor of Biology and Marine Biology, UNC Wilmington
Assistant Director, Wildsumaco Biological Station