Research and class visits

Eligibility for receiving academic rates at WBS requires a short summary of the purpose and intent of your visit. All research, including class projects, on WWS / WBS property requires a brief purpose and methods summary for review by the WBS Scientific Advisory Committee. Observational studies do not require permits from the Ecuadorian government, but we still require a record of all studies conducted for the Station’s scientific records. Any research involving the manipulation or capture of live organisms requires a government permit. It may be possible to obtain these permits through submission of a detailed protocol, and a $100 permit processing fee, through our partners at the Catholic University.

The brief summary of your proposed research / studies should be sent to the WBS Scientific Advisory Committee no later than three months prior to your planned visit. Approved proposals involving manipulation of living organisms will subsequently be forwarded to the staff of PUCE, no later than six weeks before the beginning of the study.

Initial research proposals must include the following information. A few paragraphs are sufficient, but proposals should include relevant details for any invasive procedures with live organisms.

• Study rationale and background (brief)
• Materials and methods, including details of any collection or manipulation of live organisms
• Timetable
• Curriculum vitae of faculty member or researcher

Initial proposals and inquiries should be emailed to the WBS Director, Travis Knowles at