WBS currently consists of three buildings. Two dorm buildings have the capacity to host a total of 18 occupants. There are four student rooms containing two bunk beds each (up to four people per room), and a faculty room with two standard beds.

Dorm Porch

Bathrooms are shared. There are two bathrooms with toilet facilities and hot showers. All water at WBS, with the exception of drinking water, is collected from rooftop rainwater runoff and stored in cisterns. Water conservation is therefore of utmost importance, especially during dry periods. Because of the critical need to conserve water, station policy requires that showers be restricted to 5 minutes or less.

Our third building is the combined dining hall and lecture space. Movable tables and chairs can be conformed to any dining or study configuration as needed. A small kitchen and an additional bathroom are housed at one end of the dining hall.

Dining Hall / Classroom

WBS has an LCD projector for lectures and presentations. Occupants must bring their own laptops or tablets, as well as adapters for connecting to a standard SVGA projector input.

There is currently no telephone or Internet service at the station. The nearby Wildsumaco Lodge has a telephone for emergency contacts only. Internet service is planned pending a future fundraising initiative. Electricity and outlets (110 v AC) are available in all buildings and every room.

Due to the aforementioned water conservation restrictions, laundry services are available by fee and coordination through WBS staff only. Dirty laundry may not be dried without prior washing, and groups are required to coordinate and combine laundry to reduce water consumption.